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Basic care in grooming is a must for any pet owner.  Understanding how is the key!  The following recommendations are a basic guideline to your pet's routine maintainance. Dogs and cats alike normally require at least a minimal amount of grooming. Special care should be taken when grooming and bathing your pets.  
If you are unsure what your pet's needs are, a simple consultation with your pet professional can help! 

  • Brushing and Combing - Always be sure to comb excess hair and remove any exisiting matts from the hair prior to bathing. Weekly brushing should be done to all pets to help remove "dead" hair and allow the skin to "breathe".  With 100's of grooming tools available, consult with your groomer to select the correct tools for your pet's hair type.

  • Bathing - Choosing the correct product for your pet's hair coat can be a challenge. The shampoo +/- conditioner can make a big difference between shiny and dull. Consulting an experienced pet professional would be ideal to assist in maintaining a healthy skin and coat. A dirty hair coat can lead to many skin issues, including excess dander, oily coat, matting and "hot spots" due to excessive licking.

  • Ear Cleaning -  Checking your pet's ears for dirt, excessive hair growth and abnormal odors is essential in grooming. Using a product with a drying agent and Ph balancer will help maintain a dry ear canal and prevent infections. Massaging a cotton ball soaked in cleaner inside your pet's ear will work the cleaner down the ear canal and losen dirt and debris. Using a dry cotton ball or gauze square afterwards to swab out remaining debris until clean with help keep your pet's ears healthy.

  • Nail Trimming - Overgrown toenails can lead to painful fractures of the nails and/or growing into the pads of the feet. Trimming or dremmeling the nails every 4-6 weeks will help maintain the proper nail length and help prevent the quick (blood supply to the nail) from lengthening. The longer the quick grows out, the more difficult it is to get your pet's nails short. 

  • Anal Glands - These glands, located on the inside of the anus, can become full and even impacted. "Scooting" on the floor is usually an indication that your pet should be checked. Similar to a skunk's scent glands, dogs and cats can sometimes express these glands when frightened or stressed. They are manually checked and expressed to clean them during the grooming process.

These general Grooming 101 Tips should help keep your pet looking it's best!
If you are not sure or do not want to attempt these techniques at home, we would be pleased to assist in your pet's personal hygiene! 

Our clients are welcome to make an appointment by calling 548-2000.
Appointments are available on Mondays for bathing and grooming; and Monday-Friday for basic bathing services.

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