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Disaster Preparedness for the Entire Family

We know you don't want to leave your pets behind, but  -  Are you prepared?? 

Do you have a plan? 

Have you shared your plan with your family members?   

Remember:  Disaster preparedness isn't just for hurricanes & weather events. 

It involves an emergency plan for every-day life. 

In the case of a family emergency (sudden heart attack, illness, etc.), who will care for your pets?  Another family member?  A trusted neighbor?  Does that neighbor or family friend have a key to your home?  Know where the food is?  Know where your pet's medications are kept?  Have access to your pet's medical records?  Know where to take them? 

Know where to Evacuate to with your Pet in Hampton Roads Virginia

Disaster Planning Resources for Pet Owners


What if a tree fell on your home?  What if you need to evacuate due to a Hurricane warning for our area?  Preparing for the unexpected ahead of time will help you feel confident that your pet will be cared for in the event you cannot do it personally; whether it's for several hours or several days.

Pet Grab and Go Kit from Animal Medical of Chesapeake 921 Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake, Va 23320

    How to put together a 'Grab & Go' Pack for your pets.


Emergency Contact Numbers for Pet Owners in Hampton Roads area.

Animal Medical of Chesapeake wants to help you Poison Proof your Home in Hampton Roads, Virginia

And - Don't forget to 'Poison-Proof' your Home too!   


Our goal is to help our pet families plan ahead for disaster response.